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Simple Community Health’s goal is to close the care gap that exists between episodes of care by creating a new level of support at home. Our program has tiered approach, which includes navigated monitoring, in-home visit and escalation program. Our goals is to maintain patients for as long as clinically appropriate at home.

Our community health program leverages technology and trained clinicians. We combine the logistics and reach of NEMT fleet, and experienced clinical operations which achieves access to care at a cost unattainable by traditional health care providers.

Health Systems have an opportunity to change their care and financial models to expand revenue while mitigating risk and reliance on acute care to be sustainable. The shift toward home based care continues to expand and health systems are encouraged to plan to manage their population beyond their walls. Simple Community Health’s services offers another tool for providers to impact and manage targeted populations.

Our programs are designed to integrate with your care management and EMR solution to provide an extension of your team, not a separate solution.


Our service are designed to be used on a platform basis, which can be deployed as a turn-key
solution, or can integrate with existing partners or services in your ecosystem. The goal of these
programs is to both drive revenue and data to your providers, while providing cost saving
support to your undermanaged populations.



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Non-Medical Well Visits:

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Medical Well Visits:

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Patient Navigation:

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Escalation & Transport:


  • Reduced rehospitalizations

  • Reduced ED utilization

  • Increased provider access and visit coordination

  • Increased reporting through EMR integration

  • Increased revenue through RPM

  • Increased revenue through navigation to system providers and specialists

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Targeted discharge management (Sepsis, wound care, etc)

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New diabetic support

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Palliative Care

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Unaffiliated patients

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