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Expanding Your Community

I Am A... Life Plan/CCRC

Simple Community Health’s offers a platform for LifePlan communities to support the wellness of their residents while developing new revenue streams. Our LifePlan program is designed to extend the reach of your existing services, and expand your role in resident and member lives. Our goals is to navigate patients to the appropriate services in your community, while maintaining cost effective

care in a clinically appropriate manner.


Our community health program leverages technology and trained clinicians to monitor and support your residents while providing broader tools to develop your community beyond your walls. Simple Community Health’s solution provides an additional revenue stream for your organization while extending the reach of your health care services.


24/7 remote monitoring through wearable technology


Enhanced reporting


Routine check-in with all members

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Nurse driven navigation integrated to your services and EHR


  • Cost of care reduction

  • Boosts net revenue

  • Improves access to care

  • Engages resident in their own care

  • Integrated resident data & communication

  • Improved resident experience

  • Opens additional opportunities to participate in alternative payment models and strategic initiatives

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