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Simple Community Health’s goal is to close the care gap that exists between episodes of care by creating a new level of support at home. Our program has tiered approach, which includes navigated monitoring, in-home visit, and escalation program. Our goal is to maintain patients for as long as clinically appropriate at home.

Our community health program leverages technology and trained clinicians. We combine the logistics and reach of NEMT fleet, and experienced clinical operations, which achieves access to care at a cost unattainable by traditional health care providers.

Health Plans are at an inflection point in driving cost effective and sustainable solutions away from acute care setting to members in their home settings. Simple Community Health’s goal is to partner with health plans to build targeted solutions in episodic and chronic populations designed to maintain care over time. We understand that health plans design products and solutions around cohorts of members over time. Simple Community Health builds programs which manage care and cost in the same terms.


Our services are designed to be used on a tiered basis which mirror your desired outcomes. We
provide clinical design which allow outcomes ranging from reduction in rehospitalization to
total cost of care management over time.



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Non-Medical Well Visits:

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Medical Well Visits:

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Patient Navigation:

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Escalation & Transport:


  • Cost savings

  • STAR Ratings

  • Member Satisfaction

  • Data and planning

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High-Risk Cohort Management

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Palliative Care Program

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Rising Risk Cohort Management

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Diabetes Management

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Post-Acute Program

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SDOH support

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